ADHD Evaluation in Nova Scotia

Get the Right Diagnosis with a Comprehensive ADHD Evaluation

Find out whether your child or teen’s symptoms are due to ADHD or something different, such as a learning disorder or anxiety. So your child or teen gets the help they need.

Our ADHD experts provide differential diagnoses, insights, and personalized recommendations so you can support your child’s emotional, behavioural, and learning needs.

Your child, teen, or college student can succeed — even if it’s hard for them to stay focused.

Everyone gets distracted, restless, or struggles to pay attention at times.

However, these struggles are harder and more frequent for children and teens with ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Their difficulties with inattention, distractibility, or restlessness disrupt their functioning at school, at home, or in social situations. It makes it hard for them to do their personal best and can leave them feeling frustrated and misunderstood.

Common signs of ADHD include:

Difficulty staying focused or on task

Trouble listening, causing them to miss important details

Difficulty finishing what they start

Appearing absentminded, forgetful, or losing track of things

Feeling restless or fidgety

Becoming bored easily

Tendency to rush through tasks causing them to make careless mistakes

Acting impulsively or quickly before thinking

Difficulty waiting

Tendency to interrupt people

But are your child or teen’s struggles due to ADHD?

These days, it seems like anytime a child or teen is restless, has trouble focusing or listening, or struggles in school, people immediately assume it’s due to ADHD.

But, it’s essential to accurately determine whether the child or teen’s symptoms are due to ADHD and not another condition that can look like ADHD.  

Because what’s not as commonly known is that ADHD shares similar symptoms to other medical, emotional, and learning disorders. Additionally, some medications can also cause symptoms similar to ADHD.

So unless your child or teen is properly assessed, these other concerns can get overlooked. Leading to a misdiagnosis and a treatment strategy that may not be what your child actually needs.

learning assessment

A comprehensive ADHD evaluation can get you the answers you and your child need.

ADHD is a medical condition that can be successfully managed with behavioural, environmental, and sometimes medical strategies.

But, ADHD can’t be diagnosed with a single questionnaire, a brief interview, a blood test, or an X-ray.

Instead, you need a thorough ADHD evaluation that gathers information from a variety of sources. This approach provides a complete picture of your child’s cognitive, emotional, and behavioural functioning. So you get an accurate diagnosis.

Our comprehensive ADHD evaluation includes gathering information from a variety of sources, such as:

Interviews with teachers, you or other caregivers, and your child or teen

Review of your child’s collateral history (medical, school)

Behavioural observations during the interview and ADHD testing

Results from standardized assessment tools and questionnaires

Our comprehensive ADHD assessment is tailored to your child’s situation.

Unlike a brief interview or ADHD screen, our comprehensive ADHD evaluation isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach.  

Instead, we tailor our ADHD assessment to address your child or teen’s specific needs and referral questions. For instance, we’ll include a learning evaluation or psychoeducational assessment as part of the ADHD testing if your child is struggling academically.  

This personalized approach allows us to get a better understanding of your child, their struggles, and their strengths. So we can identify what’s contributing to their problems and provide strategies, tools, and recommendations that will help them thrive.

Our comprehensive ADHD assessment approach enables our ADHD experts to help you and your child:

Rule out other causes or conditions that mimic ADHD

Accurately diagnose ADHD if it is present

Identify any coexisting conditions, like a behavioural, emotional, or learning disorder

Understand your child’s behavioural, emotional, and learning strengths

Get the support they need through treatment recommendations and strategies tailored to your child’s unique needs.

Our ADHD experts can help you get the answers and support you and your child need.

Our experts are licensed psychologists trained in assessment, learning, and ADHD.

As a result, we understand the importance of providing a comprehensive evaluation that can correctly identify what’s contributing to your child or teen’s struggles. So you get the insights, strategies, and tools you need to help your child achieve their personal best.

Additionally, we create a safe, supportive environment so your child or teen feels comfortable, relaxed, and motivated during the ADHD testing.

Because we take a comprehensive approach to understanding your child’s functioning, including strengths, many children report the process helps them feel empowered or that they can be a learner.

ADHD Assessment: Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a professional referral for ADHD testing?

Your child or teen’s pediatrician, school, or mental health provider may refer your child. However, a professional referral isn’t necessary unless required by your insurance provider.

How much does an ADHD evaluation cost?

ADHD assessments vary by purpose and service providers. However, typically, an ADHD evaluation for a school-aged child is $3150. Please call for more information about fees for various assessment services.

How do I explain the ADHD assessment to my child?

Many children and teens find the process interesting. That said, we want your child to be motivated and relaxed on the assessment day. To help prepare your child, you can:

  • Listen to their concerns
  • Avoid using the word “test,” instead consider using “activities”
  • Let them know that the purpose is to help them better understand themselves or what they’re experiencing
  • Normalize the experience by reassuring them that other children participate in evaluations, too

 The psychologist will also explain the assessment, including addressing any concerns.

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Get the right diagnosis and personalized recommendations so your child or teen can thrive.

Our ADHD experts are here to help you and your child. Contact us to schedule an appointment or if you have additional questions.