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Learn how our multidisciplinary team can support you with assessment services and counseling for children, teens, and young adults.

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You don’t have to manage your child’s emotional, behavioural, or learning difficulties on your own.

Sometimes children, teens, and young adults face challenges that they can’t cope with on their own or even with the help of their family. 

Fortunately, support and guidance from trained professionals can help you and your child work through emotional, behavioral, or learning difficulties — so they can thrive.

We Believe in a Supportive Approach at North Shore Psychological Services

We believe in a supportive, personalized assessment and therapeutic approach.

Everyone is unique and has their own set of strengths and challenges.

Therefore, we tailor our sessions, assessments, and treatment plans to address the challenges unique to you and your child.

Our highly-trained team of experts use various evidence-based approaches, techniques, and strategies to personalize the assessment, therapy, and treatment to your child’s specific situation.

We create a safe, engaging, and nonjudgmental space so your child or teenager can freely share their thoughts, feelings, concerns, and behaviours. We work at your child’s pace so they feel supported throughout the therapy or assessment process.

About Our Team

Our multidisciplinary team includes Psychologists, Psychometrists, and Speech and Language Pathologists.

We provide assessment and treatment to support your child’s behavior, growth, and development, as well as services to help your family flourish.

We collaborate with clients, families, educators, and other professionals to help understand your child’s strengths and challenges and facilitate a coordinated plan for your child’s success.

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Our Mission

We strive to provide guidance, support, and advocacy through multidisciplinary assessment and treatment services.

Our goal is to help children and families understand their child’s strengths toward wellness, better relationships, and improved understanding so your child and family flourish.

Our Vision

We provide exceptional, high-quality care across professional disciplines to children and families locally from across Nova Scotia and within the Atlantic provinces. Additionally, we plan to continue to grow to meet the needs within our community.

Our Values

Integrity is a Core Value at North Shore Psychological Services

Integrity & Respect

Emphasizing Understanding at North Shore Psychological Services


Promoting Inclusivity at North Shore Psychological Services


Providing Responsive Care at North Shore Psychological Services

Responsive Care

Advocacy is a Priority at North Shore Psychological Services


Engaging in Community Service at North Shore Psychological Services

Community Service



Lisa Hayden

Lisa Hayden

Clinic Director/Psychologist

Laura Zentner


Briden Cohen


Jesslyn Richardson


Julie Munro

Psychology Assistant / Psychometrist

Rebecca Craig

Psychology Assistant


Lisa Hayden

Lisa Hayden

Clinic Director/Psychologist

Emily CotÉ

Psychologist (Candidate Register)

Denise Boulton

Speech and Language

Admin Staff

Krista MacIntosh

Administrative Assistant

Katie MacFarlane

Administrative Assistant

Krista Cameron

Intake Coordinator

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